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I'm super excited! There are several great things going on here at CWP but I cannot tell you quite yet. Soon I hope! Fingers crossed.

But while we wait for the reveal of these exciting news (or some of them - as I said, lots going on here) I thought it would be great to do a little giveaway! Well, it's not going to be a little! It's going to be absolutely super wonderful!

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Three little cuties - family photo session for Family S. in Concord, MA

Today was a cold blustery day. On a day like this it's nice to think back to summer and the great families I was able to capture on my camera. Family S. was one of them. Such a lovely family! The children stole my heart. Especially little P. What a charmer!

Weather was very fickle during this session. We had pretty much it all. We had very dark and gloomy clouds. We had some rain. It was windy and the sun did pop out from behind the clouds at the end of the session. 

The mother of the family was so kind to write few words about their experience in front of my camera. 

"I am really glad we chose Christina Wilbur to take photos of our family this summer!  My friend recommended Christina after Christina took some precious photos of her daughter."

"I was a bit worried because it was raining as we were driving to Concord for the photo shoot.  While we waited for the rain to stop, Christina suggested we take some photos under a large tree.  The kids were excited to climb in the tree and quickly forgot about the rain.  Of course our 2 year old had to get in the tree like his older siblings!"

 "Luckily the rain let up and we were able to take photos in the garden, in the meadow, on a stone wall, and at the North Bridge.  The kids enjoyed running around as we walked between the spots.  They were really cooperative, presumably because they were having fun."

"Christina was very patient and seemed happy to spend as much time as necessary to get some great shots. "

"After the photo shoot, Christina was very quick to edit the photos and share them with us.  It was easy to download this files and share them with friends and family.  We loved the photos!  Overall, it was a great experience working with Christina."

Thank you so much Mrs. S. for writing about your family photo session experience. I had such a lovely time with you and your family. 

Trees and more trees

Earlier in the summer I had a photoshoot with quite a big family. Parents and five children aging from kindergartener to 8th grader. You can imagine there was no dull moment, lots of action, lots of running around and lots of tree climbing. Yes, you read correctly! 

I'll let the mother of Family S. tell you about the shoot.

"We never had our pictures taken when we got married as young students, so for our 15th wedding anniversary I thought to surprise my husband. I arranged a photoshoot with a professional photographer to take family pictures and to finally get that wedding picture that we missed fifteen years ago."

"I fell in love with Christina Wilbur's pictures and arranged the photoshoot. We took the pictures in a beautiful setting in Concord, MA. Absolutely perfect surrounding for the pictures."

"I told my husband and children that we were going to eat out in a fancy restaurant so they had to dress up. The surprise was total success and my husband was in complete awe when we arrived in the photo shoot location. Only one of our boys was not so enamoured with the idea of pictures and didn't want to come out of the car. We did manage to lure him out in the end and got his spirits up and beautiful pictures."

"The park as a location was spot on for our family. The children love climbing in trees and Christina got great pictures of them in their element."

"In addition we got lovely family pictures as well as the forgotten wedding picture."

"Even though there were lots of models (2 adults and 5 children) and things got a bit crazy at times, the pictures convey real feelings and they were perfect. I can highly recommend Christina to take your family pictures." 



Going.... going.... GONE!

It's time to think Christmas/Holiday cards! I know. It's a horrifying thought that we're nowhere near Christmas and yet it's lurking there surprisingly close. And when you start thinking about Christmas time, inevitably there's the "monster" of thought of cards which will have to be done and sent. 

I can help you! You can help yourself! Taking action and booking a family session now will guarantee that you will have beautiful pictures for your cards. And most importantly for you home! 

My Autumn sessions are going fast. If you’ve been thinking of having your family pictures taken in autumn, now is time to act. This is what I’ve got left in the peak of autumn. Get your spot quickly as these are going fast and will be gone before you know it.  You can best contact me through my website's Contact page. Don't wait!


Sat Sep 17  (already booked)  

Sun Sep 18


Fri Sep 23 

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Sun Oct 30












I found my seventh heaven in America

I'm a Finn and very proud of it! I grew up by the lake on an island and was privileged enough to spend summers with  my family either on our boat on Lake Päijänne or at our cabin up in Inari, in Lapland which is the northern part of Finland. Always surrounded by nature.

Sunrise at Lake Rangeley, ME.

Our cabin was my seventh heaven in Finland. The nature around me always took my breath away. We had reindeer sometimes roaming in the yard. The lakes and little ponds and streams had crystal clear water. I can still hear the sound of little waves of Lake Muddusjärvi and hitting the little nooks and crannies between the rocks on the shore. Most of all I loved walking 2 miles to the Tersto river, hop on one of the big rocks in it and listen to the water rush by me to the lake Muddusjärvi. I could go on and on.

Another sunrise. Lake Rangeley, ME.

Another sunrise. Lake Rangeley, ME.

We took a two week holiday, as we had some family visiting from England. We spend part of it in Rangeley, Maine at our friends' place. OH MY! It was almost as I had been transported back to Lapland. 

I loved the moody coulours in the nature around me. The water, the sky. Going from very dark and grey to brilliant blues of the sky and the shades of grey and blue in the water. It was so familiar and calming. Made me miss Finland. 

I had the lake, the sound of waves, all the birches around me and the scenery! I really felt like I was in seventh heaven. And the feeling of total calm inside you is the most wonderful feeling. I've always drawn from nature, always will. I have to admit that this was the first time while we have lived in the USA that I've felt this kind of calmness here. 

The girls loved it as well.They spent a lot of time in the lake swimming with their friends. And I didn't much see them when they were out of the lake as they were having so much fun playing with our friends' girls. 

Perfect little getaway from home and to charge batteries for the busy autumn season. Schools start next week after Labor Day. My little one will start Kindergarten and bigger one goes to 4th grade. 

I'm so grateful for our friends inviting us over to their Maine kingdom of gorgeousness. Now that I have my seventh heaven I will definitely go back.

Here comes the sun - tips how to take pictures in bright sun light

Everyone knows The Beatles song 'Here comes the sun', right? Well it's summer, sun is and has been here and we've been taking pictures of children frolicking around on their summer holiday from school. Splashing in the pool, running around in the sprinklers, eating ice cream, playing outside with friends etc. However, many times the pictures don't turn out the way we've been hoping for because of the bright and sometimes very harsh sun light we enjoy in the summer.

There are few easy tips to follow to help us all and make those pictures better. I want to share these few tips with you.

1) If you possibly can, move your subject to shade. Trees, bushes and buildings create great shadows, so use them. Super simple and easy solution. 

You can see how in this picture the family is standing in the shade of the tree which is blocking the sun on them but still letting it in the picture.

2) Don't face your subject to sun but have the sun behind your subject's back. If you have people facing the sun, they'll most probably squint agains the sun light. Not very attractive. 

3) If you cannot move your subject try moving yourself. Sometimes changing the angle from where you take the picture makes a big difference. 

4) You can also use a fill in flash. This means that using a flash when taking a picture in bright sunlight you'll eliminate the dark shadows with some extra light.

5) Best times in terms of light is dawn and dusk. The light is much softer and you will get gorgeous colours. However, we don't always have the luxury of taking pictures when the light is at best. 

Setting sun gives pictures that magical, golden glow.

6) Sometimes there's not much you can do. You'll have to embrace the sun and shoot. 


And as a side note: cloudy days are great days to take pictures as you don't have to worry about huge contrasts between shadow and light. Something to consider. 

Even though schools are about to start and somewhere have already started it's summer time. We'll have plenty of sunny days. Hope these few easy tips will help you taking pictures in the bright sun light. 

Jump into....... a blog!

I've decided to take the big (pretty huge for me to be honest) leap and start a blog on my website. I was thinking about this for quite a while but decided that it will be a good change. I have to admit that I'm a bit anxious about this all but I hope you will enjoy the ride with me.

I can guarantee that I won't be here every day rambling about my pictures, photoshoots, photography or our crazy bunch life. But you'll see me about here every now and then. I've been writing a personal blog before. It was more of a diary for me when we moved to the USA nearly seven years ago, as well as a way to communicate to friends and family back home in Finland and England what was going on across the Atlantic, the new chapter in our book.

However, this is completely different. This is work. This is serious. NOT! This is going to be fun. :D Welcome along!