Happy mail

I'm still trying to recover from our Christmas break. HAH! It was a bit of a shock to go from three adults for 7 weeks to one adult in time of only few days. Reality strikes hard. My husband travels quite a lot because of his work and has started his travels for this year. My mother also left back to her own home in Finland. So sad to say goodbye to her every single time and it seems harder each time. There are times I really wish we had one of those transporters they have in Star Trek. Would come super handy in my family! (All of our family is in Europe and that is way too far away.)  But things are getting back to normal. I'm getting back to normal. 

I got some absolutely stunning mail during the holiday season. The best kind for a photographer. They made me extremely happy. I wanted to show you as well. 

Some of my clients from 2016 sent me their holiday cards. You have no idea how wonderful it was to see pictures I've taken proudly portrayed in these families holiday greetings to their families and friends. Truly warmed my heart and I felt so privileged that I had been chosen to take their pictures.

I know of at least three other families that used my pictures in their cards this Christmas but I have not seen them. And I'm wishing there were more as well. I want to thank all my past clients last year and I hope to see you soon again. 

Going.... going.... GONE!

It's time to think Christmas/Holiday cards! I know. It's a horrifying thought that we're nowhere near Christmas and yet it's lurking there surprisingly close. And when you start thinking about Christmas time, inevitably there's the "monster" of thought of cards which will have to be done and sent. 

I can help you! You can help yourself! Taking action and booking a family session now will guarantee that you will have beautiful pictures for your cards. And most importantly for you home! 

My Autumn sessions are going fast. If you’ve been thinking of having your family pictures taken in autumn, now is time to act. This is what I’ve got left in the peak of autumn. Get your spot quickly as these are going fast and will be gone before you know it.  You can best contact me through my website's Contact page. Don't wait!


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