Friends no matter how far away

This past year we made wonderful new friends. Our girls and I. We were hoping to hold them close for a while but earlier this spring we got the news that their stay here in Boston would be shorter than expected and they would be moving away.  You can only imagine our shock, disappointment and sorrow after that. 

I had the opportunity to take pictures of our friends for them. This woman is absolutely amazing. Mother of five. One has left the nest already. She's truly beautiful inside out. Her two youngest ones have become great friends for our girls. And we all cherish these friendships.

After we moved to Boston area more than seven years ago I have never taken friendship for granted. It was very hard to find friends here. During these years I have managed to meet truly wonderful people and become friends with them. I've also had to say good bye to some of these friends. I can tell you it's not easy. Not in the slightest. I miss each and everyone of them. The best thing though about friendship is that if it's true it will last the test of distance. 

The hardest for me has been seeing how my children are taking this and how they are so very upset about loosing their buddies. It's hard for an adult to see a friend move away. I can only imagine what my little ones are going through. We try to talk about it but there's still emotions and questions that stay unsurfaced. 

In a way we're lucky. Things could be worse. These lovelies could be moving to a country that we wouldn't be traveling to at all. However, we'll meet them again in Finland. This summer. Already looking forward to it. ❤️  

I found my seventh heaven in America

I'm a Finn and very proud of it! I grew up by the lake on an island and was privileged enough to spend summers with  my family either on our boat on Lake Päijänne or at our cabin up in Inari, in Lapland which is the northern part of Finland. Always surrounded by nature.

Sunrise at Lake Rangeley, ME.

Our cabin was my seventh heaven in Finland. The nature around me always took my breath away. We had reindeer sometimes roaming in the yard. The lakes and little ponds and streams had crystal clear water. I can still hear the sound of little waves of Lake Muddusjärvi and hitting the little nooks and crannies between the rocks on the shore. Most of all I loved walking 2 miles to the Tersto river, hop on one of the big rocks in it and listen to the water rush by me to the lake Muddusjärvi. I could go on and on.

Another sunrise. Lake Rangeley, ME.

Another sunrise. Lake Rangeley, ME.

We took a two week holiday, as we had some family visiting from England. We spend part of it in Rangeley, Maine at our friends' place. OH MY! It was almost as I had been transported back to Lapland. 

I loved the moody coulours in the nature around me. The water, the sky. Going from very dark and grey to brilliant blues of the sky and the shades of grey and blue in the water. It was so familiar and calming. Made me miss Finland. 

I had the lake, the sound of waves, all the birches around me and the scenery! I really felt like I was in seventh heaven. And the feeling of total calm inside you is the most wonderful feeling. I've always drawn from nature, always will. I have to admit that this was the first time while we have lived in the USA that I've felt this kind of calmness here. 

The girls loved it as well.They spent a lot of time in the lake swimming with their friends. And I didn't much see them when they were out of the lake as they were having so much fun playing with our friends' girls. 

Perfect little getaway from home and to charge batteries for the busy autumn season. Schools start next week after Labor Day. My little one will start Kindergarten and bigger one goes to 4th grade. 

I'm so grateful for our friends inviting us over to their Maine kingdom of gorgeousness. Now that I have my seventh heaven I will definitely go back.