Girly giggles - Family photo session for Family C.-S. in Bedford, MA

Everyone is busy getting ready for the holiday season. Christmas trees are being decorated, lights strung outside to bring a bit of brightness and joy to the long, dark evenings. Boxes of Christmas decorations are brought up from the basements and all the precious memories tied to each individual decoration is back in our minds.

We've been busy as well just like everyone else. And I got an early Christmas gift: my mother arrived from Finland for Christmas and we love having her here.  

Despite all the hustle and bustle I'm taking a moment to go back to summer months. Sunny and warm days. Sounds lovely, especially after last nights cold temperatures.  Here's some of the session pictures for a lovely family in our neighbourhood. I'll give Mrs C. the stage to tell you about their family photo session.

"Over all, we enjoyed the experience very much.  It was very easy standing in front of the camera.  It was comfortable and pleasant throughout the session."


"We had fun because you are very good at interacting with us, K. in particular. K. said she loved those pictures with the ball, the one with the ball where K.’s face was hiding behind. Her favorite moment was when she was lying on the blanket.  I think she had a lot of fun playing on the blanket."

"J. and I love the picture we both kissed K. on her cheek very much." 

"Thank you so much for helping me out with the outfit preparation as well.  I am usually not bad to dress myself up, but when it comes to the whole family, I do need advice."

"We will highly recommend you to others if they need their family photos taken. Really appreciate your profession! THANK YOU!!"

No! Thank you! It was such a pleasure to take pictures of your family! I'm so glad to hear you had fun. I certainly did! :)