Workshop reunion in St. Augustine, FL

I came home from Florida week and half ago where I spent four days with a group of amazingly talented photographers. All ladies. All friends together. Some just online friends, some who had met face to face. I was so lucky to have met several of these ladies before and deepen those friendships. I also felt extremely privileged to meet some of my online friends for the very first time.  

Our get together was in St. Augustine, FL. I guess we were all hoping for sun and warm weather which we really didn't get. Of course temperatures warmed up after we all went home. But weather aside it was a blast.


Photo walk, some sightseeing, lots of talking shop, photo shoots, laughter, being together. There were 22 women sharing a beach house. You can imagine the noise level at moments. Still smiling at the memories made there.

I have to admit I had FANTABULOUS time. It was nice to get away for few days and talk shop with other photographers. I'll be posting some pictures from the workshop in a bit.