Here comes the sun - tips how to take pictures in bright sun light

Everyone knows The Beatles song 'Here comes the sun', right? Well it's summer, sun is and has been here and we've been taking pictures of children frolicking around on their summer holiday from school. Splashing in the pool, running around in the sprinklers, eating ice cream, playing outside with friends etc. However, many times the pictures don't turn out the way we've been hoping for because of the bright and sometimes very harsh sun light we enjoy in the summer.

There are few easy tips to follow to help us all and make those pictures better. I want to share these few tips with you.

1) If you possibly can, move your subject to shade. Trees, bushes and buildings create great shadows, so use them. Super simple and easy solution. 

You can see how in this picture the family is standing in the shade of the tree which is blocking the sun on them but still letting it in the picture.

2) Don't face your subject to sun but have the sun behind your subject's back. If you have people facing the sun, they'll most probably squint agains the sun light. Not very attractive. 

3) If you cannot move your subject try moving yourself. Sometimes changing the angle from where you take the picture makes a big difference. 

4) You can also use a fill in flash. This means that using a flash when taking a picture in bright sunlight you'll eliminate the dark shadows with some extra light.

5) Best times in terms of light is dawn and dusk. The light is much softer and you will get gorgeous colours. However, we don't always have the luxury of taking pictures when the light is at best. 

Setting sun gives pictures that magical, golden glow.

6) Sometimes there's not much you can do. You'll have to embrace the sun and shoot. 


And as a side note: cloudy days are great days to take pictures as you don't have to worry about huge contrasts between shadow and light. Something to consider. 

Even though schools are about to start and somewhere have already started it's summer time. We'll have plenty of sunny days. Hope these few easy tips will help you taking pictures in the bright sun light.