Fundraiser for BEST PTO

It's that time of the year again: summer holidays are over, school is about to start if it hasn't started already, autumn is peeking from behind the corner. 

I like school. I liked school when I was in school. I like school as a parent. It brings routines and normalcy to our lives again. :) This summer has been anything but routines and normalcy for us with our European travels. I do welcome these things back to my life. 

I believe in community and helping out. Giving back if I only can. This is why I'm doing a fundraiser for BEST (Bedford Elementary School Together) PTO. They do amazing work for our elementary schools and I love how much they bring to the schools to make the learning more of an experience, fun, efficient and wholesome. They provide equipment, enrichment programs and bring visitors to the schools. 

I want to support BEST through this fundraiser.  If you book a photography session (family, senior, child, engagement/couples, personal branding, generations, friends etc) between Sep 5th and Sep 17th I will donate $200 per booking to BEST. Please mention the fundraiser when you book your session. 

Let's make this a successful fundraiser for an extremely good cause. 


Friends no matter how far away

This past year we made wonderful new friends. Our girls and I. We were hoping to hold them close for a while but earlier this spring we got the news that their stay here in Boston would be shorter than expected and they would be moving away.  You can only imagine our shock, disappointment and sorrow after that. 

I had the opportunity to take pictures of our friends for them. This woman is absolutely amazing. Mother of five. One has left the nest already. She's truly beautiful inside out. Her two youngest ones have become great friends for our girls. And we all cherish these friendships.

After we moved to Boston area more than seven years ago I have never taken friendship for granted. It was very hard to find friends here. During these years I have managed to meet truly wonderful people and become friends with them. I've also had to say good bye to some of these friends. I can tell you it's not easy. Not in the slightest. I miss each and everyone of them. The best thing though about friendship is that if it's true it will last the test of distance. 

The hardest for me has been seeing how my children are taking this and how they are so very upset about loosing their buddies. It's hard for an adult to see a friend move away. I can only imagine what my little ones are going through. We try to talk about it but there's still emotions and questions that stay unsurfaced. 

In a way we're lucky. Things could be worse. These lovelies could be moving to a country that we wouldn't be traveling to at all. However, we'll meet them again in Finland. This summer. Already looking forward to it. ❤️  

Mummy and Me

Of my goodness! These sessions were so much fun! Giggles, out right laughter, running around, kisses, cuddles, being silly, smiles and twinkling eyes. That's what you want when you're taking pictures of mother's and their children together, right?

In terms of weather Mother Nature decided to give us everything from gorgeous sun shine and warmth to outright downpours of rain, gloomy and cold. That' didn't seem to dampen the mood though. I know these pictures will be treasured by these mothers. I know they will be displayed for others to witness the precious love of all of these mothers and their littles and not so littles. 


Finland special: summer sessions

This summer I'll be working in Europe. I'm hoping to get some well deserved down time as well. 

Some of you may know that I'm a Finn and all of my family is still there. So every year I try to get back home. I can't stop thinking about seeing family and friends, going to sauna by the lake (every day) and all the goodies I cannot get here. (Hello few extra pounds.... :D)

I'm super excited to be able to offer some sessions this summer for the first time in Finland. YAY! These sessions will be offered both in Lahti and Tampere regions.

Would you like to have your family pictures taken? Did you get engaged earlier and didn't get engagement pictures taken? Are you celebrating a special occasion? Maybe a wedding anniversary? A birthday with a 0 in the number? Or a child's birthday? Are you expecting a baby and would like to get maternity pictures taken? These and many other occasions not mentioned here are all worthy of a photography session. 

The price for a session is 480euro. This price will include the session fee as well as 15 hand edited, high resolution digital images delivered to you within 5 weeks from your session. I will also include smaller sized digital images with watermarks for social media sharing. The longer delivery time is due to my extended travels in Europe this summer. 

If you are interested in booking a photography session with me you can contact me through the contact page  HERE. Or you can send me email directly to The sooner you arrange this the better chance you have to get a spot. I'll be able to do only a handful of sessions so don't wait. 


Mother's Day Limited Edition Sessions

My mother is my HERO! In every imaginable way. She was there when I needed a shoulder. She cheered me on. And so much more.  She believed in me when I doubted myself. When I was younger I didn't understand it but I do now. I can only wish my girls will feel the same way about me one day.

 My mum and I at Logan airport January 2015 when she was leaving back to Finland after visiting us. This is the most recent picture of us together. A quick phone selfie but I will cherish it and will print it. 

My mum and I at Logan airport January 2015 when she was leaving back to Finland after visiting us. This is the most recent picture of us together. A quick phone selfie but I will cherish it and will print it. 

One thing I've come to realize these past few years is that there aren't that many pictures of me and my mother together. There are more of them from when I was a child. However, I find only few when I grew up and left home. 

Why is it? Why is there so few pictures of us with our mothers? Or our children? Or other loved ones? Because we are most probably behind the camera taking the picture. Or we don't feel comfortable enough in front of the camera lurking away when the camera is taken out. I know the feeling.

But I'm trying to change my thinking. Pictures of me with my children or with my mum is not so much for me than it is for my mother and my children and their children in turn. They'll be able to remember those moments through pictures. But most of all it's for them when they start looking for pictures of us, mothers. 

I know there's not a print of me and my children together since 2011. I think it's time to get new ones. Also know that there's not a printed picture of me and my mum since 2006. Definitely time for some pictures with my own mum as well when I go back to Finland this summer.

I'm offering Limited Edition Photography Sessions called "Mummy and Me". Mother's Day special sessions for mothers and their children. No matter the age. This is not a family picture but strictly for mother's of all ages and their children.

The session is 30min long and includes two 8x10inch double matted images. We will take the pictures at beautiful Acton Arboretum. You will be able to choose your images for printing at in person meeting with me where I will show the whole gallery of images from your session. These images will stand the test of time. My pictures are printed at the finest printers in the United States. They are archivable, museum quality that will last generations. If you would like to purchase additional images from your session it is possible. The pricing for these images is per my normal product price list. 

Book now to get your special session. You could also mention to your husband that you'd like one for your Mother's Day gift. Men, if you want to surprise your wife I'm sure you cannot go wrong with this photography gift. I think it would be a very special and perfect gift wether for yourself or to gift someone else. It doesn't matter if you are already a grandmother or brand new mum. You have a child. Lets create something extra special for you and them to cherish for  years to come. Let me help you do this for you.